Don Weissman, MD

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Medical Science Liaison

Strategic Business Development

Communications & Marketing

KOL, HCP, C-Suite Relationships

Clinical & Commercial Optimization

Biopharmaceuticals, Technologies, Therapeutics

Genetics, Diagnostics, SocialMedia, AI 


  Best Outcomes and Quality of Life 

 Patients, Providers & Stakeholders




LifeSciences and Healthcare

Medical Science Liaison
Medical and Regulatory Affairs

Strategic Business Development

 Communications, Marketing and Commercial Optimization  


Proven track record helping Life Science Companies, 

  Physicians, Scientists, KOLs, Entrepreneurs,

and Institutions accelerate 

product development, clinical utilization and commercial optimization,

growing market share and success for patient benefits,

with better outcomes and quality of life, 

caretaker, provider and stakeholder values. 


Exceptional relationships, experience and success,  

communicating product benefits, values and differentials

building professional consensus.


Excellent Key Opinion Leader and HCP relationships

sharing insights, scientific exchange and HEOR

 to accelerate trials, and analytics for applications, 

adoption and advocacy.

Excellent Advisory Board Development, Honored Society

  and Management Relationships with top,

 Academic, Corporate and University Medical Centers, 

Physicians of Influence, Regional and National

Decision Makers.


Analyst, grant review and panel member:

The National Science Foundation, the NSF 

The National Institute of Health, the NIH and 

The Department of Health & Human Services, the HHS

Adept listener, articulate and persuasive, 
building professional consensus for 
applications, approvals, advocacy,
 coverage and better outcomes for all.
Highly successful with the FDA, FTC, PhRMA, 
AHRQ and CMS. Proven track record of success for coverage
and reimbursements with government, insurance, payors and plans.

Honored society, academic and board relationships for strategic CME,
regional and national symposium, publications, communications,

 brand and market development, mobile and social media
applications for patient benefits and stakeholder values.


Extraordinary resources, knowledge and success

building and strengthening internal and external 

partnerships, alliances and goal realization.




Better therapeutics, diagnostics and services

to treat, ameliorate, cure and prevent.

To optimize patient well being and quality of life,

caretaker, provider and stakeholder values

clinical, operational and economic outcomes.